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Caviar from Living Belugas

AKAZIE’s team has now nearly ten years of experience in caviar production from Acipenser baerii and A. gueldenstaedtii without killing the fish. These species are easy to keep in aquaculture. They are easy to handle when it comes to stripping.

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Hello friends of living sturgeon and of good caviar!

We hope to see you all at the ISS8 of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society in September in Vienna, the Mekka of all who want to see the sturgeon survive! At the ISS8, Angela Köhler will give a presentation about

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Stripping Eggs

If you never saw how easy it is to harvest the eggs of a sturgeon female, watch this video! Since our first experiences with Huso huso, however, we know that it takes a few more men and women to strip

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