Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)  is the owner of a nearly world-wide patent for the treatment of eggs that were stripped off sturgeon females. The process induces an internal, natural activation reaction, which leaves the eggs in their natural status, but with firm membranes.
Farmers that are interested to apply this new method of caviar making can get a license from AWI. AKAZIE is helping with training and support in the transition to the new method.

We have split our services into a number of modules that we think would be of help for you, and among which you may chose. We would be happy to help you with the selection to make your planning process as smooth and fast as possible. And we can arrange something for special needs that are not met by the following service packages.

Please be aware that we want all partners to sign a Non-disclosure-agreement before we start working together, as all of us have to share valuable information.

Here is the list of Service Packages that we offer:

>  Feasibility

Here we have a special offer: a first and fast feasibility check that you can order for free!


>  Investment Plan and Business Plan


>  Caviar Lab Design


>  Legal Background for Food Production


>  Information that you should keep in your Database