Service Package: Database

This service package is offered to customers who already decided to sign a license contract with AWI.
Public authorities request the documentation of a number of facts and data.
  • CITES requires that every tin of caviar can be tracked back to the fish and its legal acquisition by the producer.
  • In case of any complaints of customers because of the microbiological status of the product, producers must be able to give proof of the conditions under which it had been produced.
  • Producers themselves might want to be able to track their fish and caviar in order to improve the quality.
Although it is very much recommended to keep all data in an electronic system, you may organize your database also on paper, if this is legally possible at your place. AKAZIE does not provide any software or hardware system. It is up to you to decide and purchase a system that is meeting your requirements.
AKAZIE can provide you with a set of data that is of relevance for the operation of the aquaculture, for analyzing the quality and production of caviar, for keeping track of the well-being of the fish, and of all relevant actions of your staff. We can make recommendations for a system that allows for continuous data input and subsequent analysis.
If you are interested, please contact us.