Service Package: Investment Plan and Business Plan

In this service package we are going deeper into the requirements for the new production with respect to the facility and the qualifications of the personnel. One of the first actions will be an on-site visit by AKAZIE staff, where we can get an impression of the conditions at your place. Regular Skype conferences will round up the picture, so that we will be able to make substantiated recommendations for all the work that has to be done before the start of production. 
A term sheet provided by AWI will be explained and signed at the beginning, and a draft license agreement will be discussed towards the end of this work package.
For a given production capacity (defined by you), AKAZIE will calculate the basic numbers for the necessary investment and a three-years profit & loss sheet. We could propose an initial production capacity  of caviar per year, but the decision about the size of the facility is of course up to you.
We would ask you for prices and conditions at your location. Combined with our expertise we would estimate the production parameters and costs of the investments and operations.
In order to get the full picture of the requirements with respect to time and money, a refinement of the rough estimates is necessary, which includes the work of aquaculture and construction engineers and architects. Because a lot of intellectual property is part of the next step, a positive decision about buying a license from AWI is afforded before the next package can be ordered. A term sheet describing the basic conditions for a license is available at any time.
AKAZIE GnbH & Co. KG is not going to assist the customer in marketing and sales. All calculations in the financial plan will therefore be based on the information provided by the customer about their estimated sales prices for caviar, and AKAZIE will not take any responsibility for their success in the market.