Values and Benefits

AKAZIE is dedicated to protecting the endangered sturgeon.

Therefore we only use eggs from living sturgeon when we make our caviar products. And we support all caviar producers that want to switch to the new method of caviar making!

Since 2005 a new process has been developed to make premium caviar from mature eggs without killing the sturgeon: Eggs are activated through natural signals to stabilize their membrane.

Important values for the customer:

  • Absolutely clean eggs, shiny surface, pearly texture
  • Mature eggs full of valuable lipids and proteins
  • Clean scent and full flavour!

Economic benefits for the producer:

  • Multiple harvest of females with increasing yield
  • Long shelf life of caviar (minimum nine months) with low salt content (malossol)
  • No preservatives needed
  • Optimized process established for more than 50 kg per day from A. baerii, A. gueldenstaedtii, Huso huso
  • No annual restocking, lower investment, less costs for feed, energy, water, …
  • Process can be applied on excess eggs that are not used for propagation

Further information about the terms for licenses from AWI’s Technology Transfer Office