Service Package: Feasibility

If you are

  • already producing caviar and selling it,
  • and if also know how to propagate sturgeons (including induction of ovulation and stripping),

then you already know much about the preconditions of making premium caviar from living sturgeons.

You still should consider to use our expertise in other fields!

If the above preconditions are not met by you and your team, please contact us and discuss with us more details of the servicepack Feasibility.

When we start working with you in this service package, we are going to investigate the boundary conditions for the successful START of the new way of caviar production, especially at the place that you selected for the facility. We will ask for information about the place like availability and quality of water, the conditions for waste water disposal, legal framework for aquaculture, for food production, the planned volume of caviar production per year, size of area etc.  Based on the information we are receiving from you, we will be able to offer you

  • A documentation of the feasibility of a new caviar production at your location 
  • Special requirements and obstacles
  • Advantages of the new method compared to the conventional method of killing
  • If possible, a first estimation of costs at this specific locality